University of Notre Dame

I recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame, May 2019, with dual degrees in Film, Television & Theatre and Sociology.  Earlier this year I received a scholarship from the Association of Woman in Sports Media.  As part of this scholarship I have been awarded a summer internship with CNN in Atlanta.  I'm so excited to start my career with such an outstanding company and working in the field of sports.  I'm fortunate to actually be working in my chosen field.

Saint Mary's College

I accepted admission to Saint Mary's College and classes started on August 24, 2015.  I was able to move in early, on August 19th, to prepare for band camp that started on the 20th.  So far so good, I've registered for all the first year general classes to fulfill the academic requirements of the college and I am now a member of the Notre Dame Marching Band.  I am registered for  BIO-anatomy, MATH-calculus, ENLIT-animals in literature and society, LAN-french, and MUS-one credit for playing in the Notre Dame Marching Band.  My schedule is really busy on Mondays, but I have every Thursday and the weekends off, except football weekends when I play in the ND Marching Band.  I am volunteering at the St. Joseph County Humane Society and am  involved in Saint Mary's campus ministries. Finished strong with a 3.93 GPA.

DeWitt High School

I started attending DeWitt High School for math classes while in Jr. High and was even a prop mover for the DHS Marching Band.  High School has been great!  I enjoy the classes, clubs, extra curricular activities and have made lots of friends and great memories.  I can honestly say that my favorite classes and teachers are in the History, Music and Video departments and have influenced the areas of study I want to pursue in college.


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