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Community Service

program, teaching kids an instrument weekly.  I am one of two coordinators, for the trumpet section's Salvation Army's adopt a family community outreach program.  I also worked with  campus ministries at Saint Mary's College and also volunteer for The St. Joeseph County Humane Society.  While attending DeWitt High School, I had several opportunites for service working with Volunteers of America and my high school band.  Every year our band has an Apple Pie fundraiser.  We take orders for pies and make them fresh for people to bake or freeze for later.  Last year I was top pie seller because of a strategy that I used.  This year I shared my strategy with my band and am proud to say that instead of just selling pies to individuals, we are also taking orders for people to donate pies to our local Volunteers of America Lansing Community Kitchen.  The Community Kitchen serves people in the community that are needy or homeless.  This unique way of fundraising helped two non profit organizations at the same time, both my band and our community outreach through Volunteers of America.  The pies for VOA were used during the holiday season and was a great way to help an organization I've worked with for many years through both Girl Scouts and my CYC, church mentor group.

I am very active in my Girl Scout troop, and have participated in service projects related to both

Girl Scouts and community based activities.   We were involved in food drives, an Accessible Trick or Treat and Accessible Easter Egg Hunt for kids with disabilities,Easter Egg Hunt for kids with disabilities, downtown river clean ups, and passing out water for the Kelly Sebrell 5k charity run, just to name a few.   For my Bronze Award, our troop made baskets and filled them with toiletries for St. Vincent's Home For Children, our local Catholic charity and orphanage.  For my Silver Award we created an educational exhibit about sustaining the earth in a more natural, organic sense.  My part of the project involved learning and then teaching about hydroponics and how this form of food production can sustain healthy food year round in any climate.  For my Gold Award I attended our DeWitt Community Showcase with several "foster puppies" and created a display that educated many on service animals for people with disabilities.  My display moved around the community to several local businesses.  We also created a girls night out around the campfire to help girls make the transition from Jr. High to High School with more information and confidence.

I am active in CYC, my church group, and participate in several community service projects throughout the year.   My church youth group has regular, annual activities that we do such as cleaning up fall leaves for the elderly, painting and outside clean-up for Volunteers of America, wrapping gifts from our giving tree, our Super Bowl of Caring collection and visiting assisted

living facilities.  I volunteer in many school activities and am always available to help
tutor or mentor in an individual or group
setting.  I have participated in the
DHS Community Showcase, attended HOBY (Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Conference) and Girls State as the DeWitt High School Representative, I am a timer at local swim meets, brass section leader for several bands, created the winning video for the DeWitt High School Marching Band, WLNS School Spirit Awards (prize package worth approximately $10,000) and participated as a contestant for the DeWitt High School Varsity Quiz Bowl Team and appearing on the local TV show Quiz Busters.

Growing up with a disabled parent, that's had two service dogs, influenced my choice to raise a foster puppy for Paws With A Cause.  This was a significant time commitment and a labor of love.  I was responsible for taking care of my puppy, Cruise, feeding him, vet visits, socializing him in public, taking him to weekly Lansing Foster Puppy Raisers obedience classes and field trips.  Generally, doing everything to make sure he would be successful when he went to the Paws With A Cause training center, when he was between 18-24 months old.   I feel fortunate to have met so many great people while sharing and educating people about service animals, the laws that protect them and how they help those with disabilities. For more information on my Girl Scout Gold Award project, go to

I've had many opportunities for Community Service since the age of five.  I am currently involved with the Notre Dame Bandlink


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