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Céad Míle Fáilte!

gaelic for "100,000 welcomes"

2017 - 2018

2017 was an exciting year!!  I travelled to London for a study abroad experience, became a core member of the Fighting Irish Marching Band, I have two jobs on campus working as a video editor for both the College of Arts and Letters and Fighting Irish Media, I've heard Notre Dame legends such as Muffet McGraw, Digger Phelps and Lou Holtz give speeches of inspiration to the marching band, I played trumpet with the iconic band Chicago, attended the Citrus Bowl with the marching band playing in two parades, the Citrus Bowl Parade and the Walt Disney World Parade, witnessed the Irish win the Citrus Bowl and was accepted for the Hollywood Media and Entertainment Career trek.  I've learned and experienced so much!!!  Thank you Notre Dame!!

I applied for the spring break 2018 Hollywood Media and Entertainment Career Trek and am proud to report that i have been selected to attend the program.  Another great  opportunity from Notre

Dame to learn more about the different jobs available within both film and television along with introductions and networking opportunites with professionals in both industries.   My current interest is in film editing but I look forward to learning about other careers that I might not be aware of.  I love California and am excited to experience and learn more about these industries and possible employment opportunities after graduation.

Image courtesy of Vecteezy

Notre Dame Marching Band at Disney World Parade - 12-30-2017 - start at mark 13:13

Notre Dame Marching Band at Citrus Bowl Parade - 12-30-2017

Notre Dame Marching Band at Citrus Bowl Parade - 12-30-2017

Chase, Meghan and Flurry


Hard to believe the fall term is coming to an end.  I have a couple finals and then home for 2 weeks before taking off for the Citrus Bowl.   I'm looking forward to down time and spending time with my puppy, Flurry!

Citrus Bowl

I am so excited to be participating in the New Years Day Citrus Bowl, 1pm on ABC!  The entire Fighting Irish Band will travel to Orlando to perform at several events.  We will be performing at the Citrus Bowl Parade on Saturday, December 30th at 11am then off to Walt Disney World to perform in the parade at 6:45, the official pep rally is on Sunday at 4pm and the New Years Day Citrus Bowl half time.  Such a packed agenda!  Looking forward to lots of fun and a big win!!


I have a great schedule next term, start every day, M-Th at 9:30 and end at 1:45.  I have Friday, Saturday and Sundays off from academics.  This leaves me plenty of time to get my homework done and work for Arts and Letters and Fighting Irish Media.  I have also applied to go on spring break to tour different media companies in Los Angeles during spring break, fingers crossed, maybe I should go to the Grotto and light a candle.  I've also applied for another opportunity this summer.  Band members are chosen to  mentor kids in Dublin, Ireland or in New Zealand.  I am always counting my blessings  and am working hard to earn any of these opportunities.

ND v Wake Forest Halftime Performance - 11-4-2017

Chicago & ND Band - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is - Bond Hall, Concert on the Steps - 10-20-2017

Chicago & ND Band - Saturday In The Park - Bond Hall, Concert on the Steps - 10-20-2017

Chicago & ND Band -  25 or 6 to 4 - Bond Hall, Concert on the Steps - 10-20-2017 - ND v USC

While away on fall break, the band Chicago took residence on the Univerisy of Notre Dame campus for one week.  How exciting that this band is spending time here.  they are so generous to the university, the band is very generous and give to the Ara Parseghian medical fund -  dedicated to funding medical research projects to find a treatment for Niemann-Pick Type C disease and the Charlie Weiss Foundation, Hannah and Friends.  We are honored to have this iconic band spending time with us - How awesome is this!!

Meghan Motolenich, Meghan Kelly, and Lee Loughnane of the band Chicago

Trumpets Under the Dome - Friday, October 20, 2017

ND v Wake Forest - Halftime Performance - 11-4-2017

Beth Frayer with Meghan Kelly

Meghan Kelly, Julie Rudloff, Meghan Motolenich & Theresa Stutts

Travelled to Michigan State University and tailgated with hometown friends. It was hot for late September, termperatures in the 90's.  Saturday, September 23, 2017.

Uncle Mike with Meghan Kelly

Aunt Marie with Meghan Kelly

It's football season and i always look forward when family visits campus!!  Thanks to my Mom & Dad, Uncle Mike and Aunt Irene, Aunt Marie and my cousin Courtney.

Thanks for visiting!  I am always happy to see you!


University of Notre Dame Class Ring - Class of 2019

Meghan Kelly - Class of 2019

Once you are a Junior, for at least two weeks, and have reached enough credits for Junior status, you are eligible to get your Notre Dame class ring.  Just like Uncle Mike's!! Swollen fingers are from the hot weather and band camp.

ND v Temple halftime show - 9-2-2017

The Golden Dome

Hesburgh Library aka Touchdown Jesus

i play trumpet and can be seen on game days stepping off onto the Notre Dame campus, playing on the steps of the Golden Dome and Trumpets Under the Dome, marching onto the field for pre-game and half time shows.  i will also be traveling to Michigan State University with the Notre Dame Marching Band.


Game day half time shows are streamed live and can be watched on

I'm Working!

Images courtesey of University of Notre Dame

Wow!! On campus for a week and have two jobs this year.  Both related to my field of study and my love of editing film.  i am working for the College of Arts and Letters and for Fighting Irish Media.  My first job for Fighting Irish Media was to edit the hype video for Womans Soccer.  So happy to have so many great opportunities at ND.

Leaving early for college, I made CORE Band.  Saying goodbye to Chase, my best buddy, was hard!!

Counter-terrorism officers marchnear the scene of the London Bridge attack.  Image courtesey of NBC

London Bridge

Thank you to all that worried about me while i study in london.  What a crazy time!!  Bombings, stabbings and fires put the city on high alert.  All is well, we were well taken care of!!

Shopping at Harrods

Another wonderful opportunity with the University of Notre Dame.  In order to graduate on time with a dual degree in Film, Television & Theatre and Sociology,  I am in need of a couple extra classes.  I am fortunate to be studying in London, England this summer and am taking two courses which puts me on track to graduate on time.  What a great educational and cultural opportunity!!


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